Residential Learning Communities

Tulane Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) are immersive spaces withina residence hall where students live together to learn about and participate in activities centered around a theme. Students within each RLC live on a designated floor(s) with other RLC students who are interested in a deeper exploration of this theme and also take an associated TIDES Course together. In these collaborative spaces, students are encouraged to exchange, challenge, question, and grow – both academically and socially.

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How to Apply

You will find the link to the RLC application on your Housing Portal when you apply for housing. The RLC application is separate from your housing application, so be aware that the link will bring you to a different webpage to fill out the separate RLC application. The RLC application includes some demographic information about yourself, ranking the RLCs to which you want to apply, and supplemental questions for each RLC.

Supplemental Questions: Because the online RLC application might time out, we recommend reviewing the questions prior to beginning your application and writing your answers in a Word document. Then, when you are ready to fill out your application, you can copy and paste your answers into the online form. You must fill out both a Housing Application AND an RLC Application to be considered for the RLC. The RLC application will be made available in March, once the academic year Housing Application for new students is made available. The supplemental questions for next year's RLCs may be viewed here: 2024-2025 Supplemental RLC Questions

Contact Information

If you have general questions about RLCs or the application process, please contact us at Should you have questions about a particular RLC, you will find contact information for each department we partner with on the specific RLC pages.