Community Living Standards

As a Tulane student, it is your responsibility to be knowledgeable and comply with the expectations of the Housing and Residence Life Community Standards. This includes your housing agreement, the code of student conduct, public health emergencies expectations, and high priority expectations and policies:

High Priority Period Expectations and Policies

The university designates certain times as “High Priority Period” such as during move-in, Mardi Gras, severe weather, and campus emergencies. The consequences will be more severe for violations of the Code of Student Conduct, Community Living Standards, and/or High Priority expectations during the designated time. The conduct process may be expedited and may include a charge of failure to comply. During the conduct process, a finding of responsibility will also include being placed on disciplinary probation at a minimum. Disciplinary Probation may preclude students from serving in a leadership position in a student organization, from participating in sorority or fraternity recruitment or from studying abroad. Also, during this time, the residence hall guest policy may be suspended. As always, students are still expected to abide by the Code of Student Conduct even while off campus.

Notice of new policies or changes in policies may be made by Housing & Residence Life during the housing contract period by notifying residents through postings, letters, email messages, and/or publications. If delayed implementation affects the health or safety of faculty, staff, or students residing or utilizing the residence hall these new policies or policy changes may be immediate.