Global New Orleans RLC

The "Global New Orleans" Residential Life Community is an innovative housing initiative designed to provide incoming freshmen at Tulane University with a unique and immersive living experience. Inspired by the rich cultural tapestry of New Orleans and its global influences, this community aims to foster a sense of connection, curiosity, and understanding among residents, promoting personal growth and cultural awareness. Through intentional programming and community engagement, we aim to cultivate open-mindedness, cross-cultural communication, and a lifelong appreciation for diverse perspectives. The mission of the "Global New Orleans" Residential Life Community is to create a dynamic living and learning environment where international and domestic first year students can explore and appreciate the global influences that contribute to the vibrant cultural mosaic of New Orleans. This residential life community aims to prepare students for a future where cultural competency and global understanding are essential skills for success.

Campus Partner

HRL works in partnership with the Center for Global Education on the Global New Orleans RLC. If you have questions about the RLC content or programming, please contact Dr. Annie Gibson (, Director or Study Abroad.

Program Examples

Students in the Global New Orleans RLC will have the opportunity to engage in many rich and interesting programs. Some examples of programs that could be offered int his community next year include:

  • Global Book Club: Monthly book discussions focusing on literature from various countries, providing a platform for intellectual dialogue and shared reading experiences.
  • Career Panel Series: Invite professionals with global careers to share insights and advice on navigating a globalized workforce.
  • Diversity in Halloween: Host a multicultural Halloween celebration, exploring how different cultures around the world commemorate the holiday.
  • Language Exchange Night: A language-learning event where residents can practice and exchange languages, promoting communication skills and cultural exchange.
  • Winter Solstice Celebration: A festive event incorporating traditions from various cultures to celebrate the winter season.
  • Global Film Festival showcasing movies from various countries.
  • International Cuisine Night with cooking demonstrations and tastings.
  • Cultural Exchange Fair, where residents can share and learn about each other's cultures.
  • Earth Day Cleanup in collaboration with local environmental organizations.
  • Global Arts Showcase featuring local and international artists.
  • Global Fashion Show: Residents showcase traditional and contemporary clothing from different cultures, celebrating the diversity of global fashion.
TIDES Courses

As a member of the Global New Orleans RLC, you must take a Tulane Interdisciplinary Experience Seminary (TIDES) course that is affiliated with the RLC. The TIDES program offers first-year courses to students to promote interdisciplinary scholarship and exploration. For descriptions of the courses being offered in each RLC please see the RLC application. 

Residence Hall

The Global New Orleans RLC will be located in Monroe Hall for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Housing Options

The RLC application can be found on your Housing Portal when you apply for housing. You must fill out both a Housing Application AND an RLC Application to be considered for the RLC.