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Returning Student Room Selection

Returning students will select their 2019-2020 housing assignments during the Spring 2019 semester. Students will complete their housing application, create roommate groups, and select their housing using the Housing Portal. Check out our Returning Student Move In Guide - coming Fall 2018!

Returning Student Housing Application

The Housing Application is not complete until the Housing Agreement has been signed. All students living in on-campus housing for the 2019-2020 academic year must electronically sign a Housing Agreement.

Class Year: The top of your application will contain your housing class year. This is determined by the semester you started at Tulane, not by credit hour, and will determine when you select your room. If you believe your class year is incorrect please alert the housing office at by the Housing Application deadline. Transfer student classification is determined by semester started, credits, and semesters at previous institutions.

Preferences: You will be asked in the application for your housing preferences. These are for the planning purposes of HRL. You will be able to select any available space during Room Selection.

Gender Inclusive Housing: If you intend to live in the same room, suite, or apartment as someone of a different legal sex, you need to select the “Gender Inclusive Housing” option from the appropriate drop down menu in order to roommate group with them.

Include in Search: If you do not select the “Include in Search” box you will not be able to be placed in a roommate group.

Screennames: Choose a screenname that will be easy for your friends to find during roommate grouping. We recommend your Tulane user name.

Roommate Profile: These information sections are for students to search for a roommate they do not know already, or to assign students together.

Canceling Your Application: Third- and fourth-year students not required to live on campus may cancel their applications any time up until they select a room.

Room Selection Time Slots

Students with applications completed on time will receive a time slot. Your time slot indicates when you will be able to log in to the Housing Portal to select your room. You may log in any time after your time slot, but not before. Time slots are assigned randomly within class year via a computer algorithm. Only students with time slots can select a room.

Roommate Grouping

If you are interested in selecting a suite with your friend(s) you must create a group. Once you receive a time slot, you can determine who is the Group Leader. The Group Leader should be the person with the earliest time slot.


  • Name the group. Something simple, appropriate, and easy to remember.
  • Add everyone to the group. Group members can add themselves by searching for the group name and entering the password. Students cannot be in more than one group at a time. Students already assigned to a room cannot be added to a group. 
  • Groups can be 2-8 people. Groups must fill all the beds in a room (for Irby and Phelps, groups must fill all rooms in the suite). It is in the interest of it group to fill an entire suite or apartment to ensure who they are living with.
  • Verify the Group. If this is not done, you will not be able to select rooms as a group.
  • Select Beds/Rooms for the Group. During the Group Leader’s time slot, they are responsible to select the beds/rooms for each of the group members.
  • Select Beds/Rooms for the Group. The Group Leader will do this during their time slot.


  • Verify. Ensure you have been added to a group by logging into the Housing Portal and checking your group membership.
  • Confirm. Once the Group Leader has reserved your bed/room, log into the Housing Portal to confirm your housing assignment.


  • Only verified groups can select together. Every time someone joins or leaves the group it must be reverified. 
  • Only students that applied and received a time slot may be added to your group.
  • Students in RLCs will only be able to roommate group with students of the same RLC.
  • Students may be in a roommate group with students of any sex if all students in the roommate group selected the “Gender Inclusive Housing” on their application.
  • Students may join a roommate group with any returning student of any class.
Room Selection - Group

If you wish to participate in Room Selection as a group, the Group Leader should log on to the Housing Portal during their time slot and do the following:

  • Search for a room by location
  • Select a room/suite/apartment. Select the number of beds needed for group in unit. Assign all group members to beds/rooms.
  • If you do not like the room you have selected, your first room will be held for you while you search for new rooms.
  • Confirm your housing assignment.
  • After confirmation, students will have a window of time to change their room. When ‘change room’ is selected, the entire group’s rooms will be changed. Your original room will not be held for you while you search for new rooms.
  • Individuals that select as part of a group wishing to change rooms without changing the rooms of the rest of their group must contact the HRL office.


  • You may sign in to the Housing Portal from the moment your time slot begins to the end of the housing selection period. Please keep in mind that every 15 minutes, a new group of students will have access to the Housing Portal to select their rooms, so it is to your advantage to choose your room and confirm your assignment as early as you can. Once you choose a room you are happy with, you must confirm your room choice.
  • Individual students and smaller groups are highly recommended to fill partially open suites rather than take beds in larger open suites. This will block larger roommate groups from selecting together.
  • Students that do not like the room options available during their time slot are encouraged to choose a room and participate in the room change process that follows housing selection.
  • If there are open bed(s) left in your suite at the conclusion of Room Selection, these beds will be assigned to other students. 


  • Students selecting in Irby or Phelps must fill all 8 beds in their suite.
  • If students select a portion of a Irby or Phelps suite and do not assign all 8 beds to their group, they will be notified by HRL that their housing reservation has been deleted and they will have to reselect elsewhere.
  • Group leaders of 8-person groups are strongly encouraged to attend a housing forum to learn how to assign their group to an 8-person suite properly.
Room Selection - Individual

Students that do not wish to live with anyone will be able to go through Room Selection as individuals. Single students looking to live in a double room should roommate group  with another person as the system will require students to fill a room upon selection. Students that need to find someone to roommate group with can use the roommate search function in the Housing Portal.

If you wish to participate in Room Selection as an individual (as opposed to a group),  log on to the Housing Portal during your time slot and do the following:

  • Search for a room by location
  • Select and reserve a room
  • If you do not like the room you have selected, your first room will be held for you while you search for new rooms.
  • Confirm your housing assignment.
  • After confirmation, students will have until the end of room selection to change their room.
Gender Inclusive Housing

If you intend to live in the same room, suite, or apartment as someone of a different legal sex, you need to select the “Gender Inclusive Housing” option from the appropriate drop down menu on your Housing Application in order to roommate group with them. Learn more about Gender Inclusive Housing here

If you would like to verify or change your Gender Inclusive Housing answer on your Housing Application, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Students who wish to change their room after Room Selection will be added to a wishlist and placed as spaces become available. This process will not begin until after Room Selection.

If you are studying abroad, withdrawing, or taking a required leave from the University next year, you will need to inform HRL as soon as your plans have changed so that we can update the status of your housing. Cancellation penalties may apply; refer to your Housing Agreement for details.

Returning students who intend to request an accommodation for the 2019-20 academic year are encouraged to submit their request and supporting medical documentation to Goldman in advance. If you are approved for a housing accommodation, you will be contacted by Housing and Residence Life regarding your housing needs prior to Room Selection. If you do not receive a determination from the Goldman Center before Room Selection, proceed with the regular housing assignment process. Your accommodation does not extend to your roommates. Students with an accommodation wishing to select in a roommate group should go through the Room Selection process. If you are unable to select a room that meets your needs through that process please contact HRL and you (not your roommates) will be reassigned. Students with accommodations that are not selecting with a roommate can go through the Room Selection process or contact housing prior to Room Selection to discuss your housing options. If you are approved for housing accommodations after Room Selection, contact to discuss available spaces.

Second-year students required to live on campus that do not apply will be assigned to a room after Room Selection from the remaining housing available. Third- and fourth-year students that complete the Housing Agreement and do not select a room during Room Selection will not be assigned rooms at the end of room selection.

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