Overnight Guest Registration Form
All non Tulane student overnight guests must be registered in advance. 
This form is not valid for February 7th - 13th. Any guests during this time must be registered via the Mardi Gras guest registration process. Registration closes for that process February 2nd. 

Parental Consent Form for Minor Guests
Minor guests must be registered and approved 5 days in advance of visit. 
No minor guests will be allowed to enter the residence halls between February 7th and 13th. 

Housing Agreement Release Request
Students may request to be released from their Housing Agreement by utilizing this form.

Residency Exemption Request Form
All undergraduate students enrolled as full-time students are required to reside in the residence halls during their first and second year (freshman and sophomore years). To request an exemption to the residency requirement, you must submit this form.

Billing Appeal Form
Students may file a dispute if they believe they have been improperly charged for damages or any other housing fees.

Shabbat Key Request Form
Students may submit a request for physical keys to access their building and/or bedroom door instead of electronic access. This process is designed to assist students observing Shabbat who cannot use electricity between dusk on Fridays and nightfall on Saturdays.