Cluster Housing

Tulane University Housing and Residence Life offers unique Cluster Housing opportunities to returning and new students. Clusters are an opportunity to live with students who are interested in connecting with their community around a shared interest. Clusters are designed to be student-led communities, where participants (with the support of hall staff) are able to request programming funds and engage those around them in shared interests.

Returning Student Clusters

Focus Cluster: Interested in a more academically focused living environment? Consider applying to our Focus Cluster. This cluster is for students who are focused on advancing their academics and have a deep interest in being in community with others who share similar career goals and/or academic lifestyles. This cluster is located in the short side of Weatherhead Residence Hall, in double occupancy suite style rooms, which also allows members to be close to a Faculty-In-Residence.

Equity Cluster: The Equity Cluster is a community of students who live together to expand their understanding and approach to issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). Consider applying to our Equity Cluster if you find yourself passionate about issues of EDI within society. We invite all students no matter their level of understanding or education on these topics. Living in this cluster will offer space to learn about yourself, others around you, and the importance equity plays in our society. The Equity Cluster will be housed In Décou-Labat Residences in double occupancy suite style rooms.

Global Cluster: Consider applying to the Global Cluster! This cluster will house domestic and international students who have an interest in engaging around global cultures, languages, and cross-cultural exchanges within their daily lives. We invite all students who are interested in joining a group of fellow residents in making the world a more connected and better place together. This cluster will allow residents to build on their knowledge and cultural experiences, while inviting them to also share this within those around them. The Global Cluster will be housed in Lake Hall, with double occupancy suite style rooms.

New Student Clusters

Gender Affirming Housing Cluster: The goal of this community is designed to help students build a supportive living community based on mutual respect and inclusivity of all individuals committed to this purpose and goal.The Gender Affirming Housing (GAH) Cluster initiative was created with the explicit goal of helping Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, and non-binary students experience a greater sense of belonging in TU’s residential communities. Vibrant GAH communities will additionally advance student learning and greater appreciation for diversity for those students who live in the community and those who live in proximity. The purpose of GAH is to provide a more comfortable and safer living environment where a student can room with any other student- regardless of sex, gender, gender identity/expression, or sexual orientation. Providing a supportive, inclusive living space is critical for developing a healthy place for students to learn, develop, and grow. The Gender Affirming Housing Cluster is housed in Wall Residential College for 2024-2025, with suite style rooms. 

How to Apply

You will find the Cluster Housing Application within the Housing Portal when you apply for housing. The link to the Cluster Housing Application is available in the Housing Application via the Housing Portal. The Cluster Housing application is made available to returning students in January of each year, in conjunction with the Housing Application.

Supplemental Questions: The Cluster Housing Application includes some demographic information about yourself, if you have a preferred roommates, selecting a Cluster to apply to, and supplemental questions. Those supplemental questions are:

  • Why are you interested in joining this cluster? What do you hope to gain from living in this community? (Max 200 words)
  • What do you intend to contribute to this community?
  • What are some of the expectations you have for this community?

Roommates & Suitemates: Students may only form roommate groups with students who have applied to and been admitted to the same cluster as them. It is important that if you or someone wishes to live together, that they also complete their Cluster and Housing application by the deadline set within the Housing Portal.

Important: Based on interest and space, non-cluster members may be placed within the community that holds the clusters. In the event we do not meet a minimum interest you will be notified that the cluster will not be offered for that particular term. In this circumstance, you would be placed in non-cluster Housing. Also, as stated in your Housing Agreement, Housing and Residence Life has the ability to assign someone to any space, if needed, and it is possible that during the Academic Year you may receive a roommate or suitemate who did not specifically apply to the Cluster.

Students who are interested in living in a Cluster must complete everything by the deadline specified in the Housing Application for the term in which they are applying for. 

Contact Information

If you have general questions about Cluster Housing, or the application process, please contact us at