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Tulane University is a private R1 institution that was founded in 1834 with an initial focus on public health and medicine. Located in the Uptown neighborhood of New Orleans, it’s only 25 minutes by streetcar to the city center, or about 30 minutes away from the city’s international airport. Tulane’s campus covers 110 acres and is a thriving hub of academic vigor and social activity. Tulane currently has 14 residence halls, and we’re building 2 new ones with plans to build 3 more afterwards. Learn more about the amazing experiences while working at Tulane!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What has pleasantly surprised you about working at Tulane?  

Jon Tingley

"Before I worked at Tulane I was part of a very large department / University and it was sometimes difficult to find personal connections among the team and with colleagues across campus. I've found that making connections at Tulane is easy and it has the feeling of a small university even though we operate like a larger institution" 

- Jon Tingley, Associate Director for Housing Facilities

Andre Hebert


"One thing that surprised me about working at Tulane is how "hands on" we are when supporting our students. Unlike my previous institution, Tulane has a 24/7 on-call student support line that is public to students, parents, families, etc and people actually use it! As someone who serves in that on-call rotation we get calls from students, parents, and friends often seeking support for themselves or other Tulane student. It's a really cool resource for students and loved ones during times of need"

- BB Bynum, Assistant Director for Residence Life   


Isha Green

"The consideration Tulane provides for all students and staff members"

- Isha Green, Housing Assignment Coordinator

What have you enjoyed most while working at Tulane University?  

Tayla Phillips

"I've enjoyed the comradery amongst all staff members across the university. It's really nice to walk across campus and be able to stop at other colleagues' offices to say hello throughout the day!"

- Tayla Phillips, Assistant Director for Residence Life


Madoline Huff

"Everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission. This truly creates a family environment where everybody is there for each other"

- Madoline Huff, Assistant Director for Technology

Describe what it is like to work at Tulane?  

Jamie Prado

"Since the day I stepped onto campus for my staff orientation, Tulane has made me feel like I am part of something great. It is a dream come true to be part of such a wonderful organization and to be surrounded by some of the best people all the time"

- Jamie Prado, Financial Services Associate


Kat Latham

"I love the connectedness of Tulane! There is a feeling of belonging here that is unlike no other. I am grateful for the unity between departments that allows for collaborative and innovative work within a growth mindset"

- Kat Latham, Assignments and Conferences Coordinator