Frequently Asked Questions


When is conference and intern housing available?

Conference and Intern Housing availability is based on Tulane University’s academic calendar and is generally available from June 1through July 31. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate requests in August as our staff is preparing the residence halls for the school year. 



Who is eligible for intern housing?

Any undergraduate, graduate, or professional student from another university, who is 18 years old or older, who has a summer internship or summer research project is eligible for our Intern Housing. To request intern housing please complete and submit the Non-Affiliate Application. If you are unclear as to whether you are eligible, please contact Christin Hebert at and we can discuss your situation. 

I represent a company that would like to house several interns at Tulane. How can I reserve a space for my interns?

We are happy to arrange intern housing for New Orleans companies. Please contact us at for more information. 

Will I have a roommate? Can I request roommates? Can I contact my roommates/suitemates before I arrive?

Single and double rooms are available upon request. However, you will share your bathroom with 1-3 other interns in suite-style housing. You can request to be housed with other people. All requests must be mutual. Your roommate would live in the same room as you, and your suitemates would share your bath. In early May, we will make room assignments. As long as your suitemates permit their information to be shared, we will send their information along with your room assignment. 



How are rooms assigned for conferences?

Conference groups will provide names, email addresses, dates of accommodation, and any special needs/accommodations of all conference attendees. Room lists will be provided by Housing and Residence Life for conference groups to assign rooms. Room assignments should be received by Housing and Residence Life no later than 10 days prior to the group's arrival to Tulane University. 

Will other conferences be placed in the same building as my conference?

Depending on the size of your conference group, your conference group may be sharing a facility with another conference group. Only conference group members with room assignments will be allowed access, use, and occupancy of the facility. 

What is included in my room rate?

Air-conditioning, wi-fi service, and all utility costs are included in the room rate. Also, with the exception of toilet paper, Housing and Residence Life provides no bathroom supplies. No kitchen supplies such as pots, pans, dishes or cutlery are available. 

Are linens available?

Bed and bath linens (2 sheets, 1 blanket, 1 pillow and pillowcase, 1 bath towel) are available for an additional $5 per night per person fee. Beds will not be “made up.” If requested, linens must be ordered for the entire group. We cannot accept individual linen requests. Additionally, Housing and Residence Life will not exchange linens for guests. Free laundry machines are available in each residential facility. 

Is parking available?

Parking passes are available to conference groups for an additional fee. 

Do conference guests have access to a fitness center?

Access to the Reily Fitness Center is available to conference groups for an additional fee. If requested, Fitness Center passes must be ordered for the entire group. We cannot accept individual Fitness Center pass requests. 

How do I reserve space for my group?

The Conference Housing Reservation Form specifies the housing needs of your group. Before completing the Reservation Form please gather information about the following: 

  • Participant, staff and/or chaperone numbers 
  • Dates of arrival and departure for staff, early arrivals and participants 
  • Tulane University Sponsoring Department contact information and billing information (if applicable)
  • Preference on building location and/or style 

Completing a Reservation Form is non-binding; a group can cancel a reservation before the Housing Contract is due. Information can be updated once a reservation is complete but prior to contract creation. The information provided in your Reservation Form will be used to create your contract. The contract covers basic information about your group’s stay, including the number of attendees, dates and other important details. One contract per group/session/camp will be generated. Generally, a group is given 21 days to return a contract. 



What room types and rates are available?

Room Rate: Housing and Residence Life offers the following room types and rates to conference groups. Please note that room types are subject to availability. Room types are available as corridor or suite styled rooms. Corridor rooms have shared restrooms on each floor. Suite Style rooms have shared bathrooms within a 3-8 person suite. Summer 2021 rates:

  • Single: $40 per night per person. 
  • Double: $34 per night per person. 

Rates are subject to change. Tulane University’s Housing and Residence Life department will provide the conference or summer group with a group bill itemized according to services. The conference or summer group agrees to pay Tulane University for all unpaid charges within ten days of receiving a statement. Payments will not be accepted from individual conference participants or sub-groups within the conference or summer group. Participants will not be permitted to check into the residence halls if group payment has not been received. 

Minimum Stay/Extended Stay: The minimum stay for all conference groups is a three night stay. Additional nights beyond the conference group’s contracted dates may be available at the same room rate upon request and at the sole discretion of Housing and Residence Life. All extended stay requests are required to be approved a minimum of 10-days prior to the conference groups arrival to Tulane University. 

Other Amenities: Housing and Residence Life offers other amenities to conference groups. Please note that additional fees apply. Summer 2021 rates:

  • Parking: $5
  • Linens: $5 per night per person (note: must be purchased for entire group, not individuals)
  • Fitness Center: $4 per day per person (note: must be purchased for entire group, not individuals)



All inquiries for new and returning conferences and summer programs may be made to:

Housing and Residence Life