Residency Requirements

This is an exciting time for Tulane and for all soon-to-be third-year students. When we welcomed the entering class in 2023 to the Tulane family, we shared our hope that this class would be the first to experience a Tulane where most third-year students are able to live on campus. This will soon be a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is required to live on campus and for how long?

Students admitted as first time first year students (not transfer students) prior to the Fall 2023 are required to live on campus for their first two years at Tulane. All students admitted for the Fall 2023 semester or later are required to live on campus for their first three years at Tulane.

Beginning 2025-2026 academic year, students admitted as new students (not transfer students) will be required to live on campus for their first three years at Tulane. The first class of students living on campus for their third year will be new, first-year students that entered Tulane in the Fall of 2023 or the Spring of 2024. This information was shared in the Admission Materials when students deposited in the Fall of 2023 and Spring 2024.

Why does Tulane have live-on residency requirements?

Research has consistently shown that students who live on campus are more engaged academically and socially and report a higher level of satisfaction throughout their college experience. Students who live on campus enjoy easier access to classrooms, libraries, dining options, recreational venues, student health services, safety resources and more. On-campus residents also have the opportunity to live in a dynamic and engaging setting with like-minded classmates who share their intellectual interests and research pursuits.

Our adding new on-campus housing also helps fulfill Tulane’s goal of working closely with the City of New Orleans to reduce the pressures on the off-campus housing market and sustain the integrity of the neighborhood communities that surround the university.

Does Tulane have enough housing for third-year students?

Barring any unforeseen circumstances we anticipate completing Fogelman and Bayou Halls, located on the former site of Irby and Paterson residence halls, next year. This will give us the capacity to house third-year students on campus, by the fall semester of 2025.

Where will rising second and third year students live?

All students returning to campus for their second or third year will be able to select their room during Returning Student Room Selection. Students will be able to choose from available rooms in any returning student community regardless of their class year. Students will select rooms in seniority order. We anticipate many of our third- year students will have interest in Aron Residences and Décou-Labat Residences, where there are a larger number of apartments or single rooms in suites.

Do third-year students on campus have to have a meal plan?

Yes, all students residing on campus must participate in a dining plan. Meal plan information can be found here.

What if I am studying abroad?

Students studying abroad for their fall semester will not live on campus during the fall and will not be guaranteed on-campus housing when returning for the spring semester. We do, however, anticipate having some space for students returning to campus for the Spring and encourage them to apply for Spring Housing in November. Students studying abroad in the Spring semester will be required to live on campus for the fall semester prior to their time abroad.

Who is permitted to live off campus?

  • Students studying abroad – see section above.
  • Students living in Tulane recognized Greek chapter housing. Beginning Fall 2025 and requires prior authorization from the Fraternity and Sorority Programs office.
  • Students who qualify for housing residency exemptions. See section below for more details. These students include:
    • Students who live within 50 miles of campus with their parents at their PERMANENT residence.
    • Currently – Students who are 21 years of age or older by the first day of fall classes.
    • Beginning 2025-2026: Students who are 22 years of age or older by the first day of fall classes.
    • Students who are legally married before June 30 prior to the academic year.
    • Students who are legal guardians of a minor.
  • Students with qualifying disabilities whose medical needs have been evaluated by the Goldman Center for Student Accessibility and found to be eligible following a review of all campus-based resources and accommodations as it pertains to the functional limitations of the diagnosed condition(s).
  • Transfer Students - Exchange Students
  • Students in their fourth or higher year at Tulane
  • Graduate and Professional students (These students are not permitted to reside on the uptown campus)
What if I want to live off campus but do not fall into one of the categories above?

If you will begin your second or third year in Fall 2025, you should NOT sign a lease that would commit you to living in an off-campus residence for the 2025/26 school year, unless you will be studying abroad for Fall 2025. Students will be required to live on campus for their first three years if they do not fall into one of the categories listed in the section above.

What if I already signed a lease for an off-campus apartment for Fall of 2025?

If you have already signed a lease and the date of the lease is prior to the communication mailed to all affected students in February 15, 2024, you should immediately contact Housing and Residence Life to file a formal appeal. Any student in this scenario would need to file an appeal by February 29, 2024.

Residency Exemption Process Information

First- and second-year students who live within 50 miles of campus, are older than the exemption age or are married, may request an exemption to the Residency Requirement by submitting a Residency Exemption Request. Submitting this request does not guarantee Residency Exemption. If this request is not approved, a space on campus will be reserved for the requestor and the student will remain responsible for all housing charges. To request an exception, you must submit a Residency Exemption form and provide verification of ONE of the following by June 1 (new, incoming students) or February 24 (continuing/returning students):

Local residency with a parent or legal guardian (see explanation and details below)

  • Letter of consent from parent or guardian verifying your residency with them for the following academic year
  • Verification of local address as primary residence of the parent or guardian
  • Current utility bill with parent or guardian name included, along with matching driver’s license (copies only, please delete or "black out" the social security info)
  • Current lease or rental agreement along with matching driver’s license or matching utility bills

Above 21 years of age for 2024-2025 academic year. Above 22 years of age starting 2025-2026.

Legally married by June 30

Note: Living in a parent or guardian's secondary or non-primary residence (such as a rental unit) does not constitute living with a parent or guardian in their primary residence and requested exemptions will not be approved.

Please submit the Residency Exemption form and appropriate materials in writing by email, via fax (504) 862-8944, or by mail to:

Housing & Residence Life
29 McAlister Drive, River Hall - Tulane University
New Orleans, LA 70118