Residency Requirements

All first- and second-year students at Tulane are required to live on campus unless they meet the criteria for residency exemption and submit the residency exemption request form with supporting documentation by the published deadline.


First- and second-year students who live within 50 miles of campus, are 21 years of age or older or are married, may request an exemption to the Residency Requirement by submitting a Residency Exemption Request. Submitting this request does not guarantee Residency Exemption. If this request is not approved, a space on campus will be reserved for the requestor and the student will remain responsible for all housing charges. To request an exception, you must submit a Residency Exemption form and provide verification of ONE of the following by June 1 (new, incoming students) or February 24 (continuing/returning students): 

  • Local residency with a parent or legal guardian (see explanation and details below)
    • Letter of consent from parent or guardian verifying your residency with them for the following academic year
    • Verification of local address as primary residence of the parent or guardian:
      • Current utility bill with parent or guardian name included, along with matching drivers license (copies only, please delete or "black out" the social security info)
      • Current lease or rental agreement along with matching drivers license or matching utility bills
  • Above 21 years of age
  • Legally married by June 30

Please submit the Residency Exemption form and appropriate materials in writing by email, via fax (504) 862-8944, or by mail to: 

Housing & Residence Life
29 McAlister Drive, River Hall - Tulane University
New Orleans, LA 70118


Note: Living in a parent or guardian's secondary or non-primary residence (such as a rental unit) does not constitute living with a parent or guardian in their primary residence and requested exemptions will not be approved.