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Room Changes

Housing and Residence Life is committed to helping Tulane’s residential students thrive in their living environments. For some students that necessitates a change to their housing assignment.  The Mid-Year Room Change process is the second opportunity for students to pursue such a change.  The availability in rooms during this process typically occur when a vacancy is created by a student’s departure at Winter Break. 

The Mid-Year Room Change Request application opens on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 9:00AM and closes on Monday, November 26, 2018 at 11:59PM.  All requests must be submitted by November 26th to be considered.  A change in room may result in in a change in room rate.  More information on room rates can be found on the Housing and Residence Life students wishing to change rooms must complete this application regardless of previous placement on waitlists, wishlists, completion of previous Room Change Request applications or communications with Housing and Residence Life Staff.

HRL will do its best accommodate requests. Please note that due to our very high occupancy this year not all types of space in all areas are available. Room changes are easier to accommodate for students requesting a mutual swap or those that provide a broader range of options in which they would live.

Know of a room that will have an opening where you would like to live? Include that information in your room change application and Housing and Residence Life staff will confirm availability. Students who accept Room Change Offers that can be completed before December 9th will be sent move instructions. Moves will not occur after December 9th to limit the disruptions during finals.  Students whose requests cannot be completed prior to leaving for Winter Break are required to completely move out of their Fall assignment prior to departing for Winter Break. This is non-negotiable as your old room will need to be ready for a new student to move into in January. Students may take their belongings home or contract with Summer Time Storage.  Students will move into their new rooms upon returning from Winter Break.

Incoming 1st year students may be placed in upper-class housing.  If you are an upper-class student with an opening in your room, there is a possibility that you will receive a 1st year student as a roommate in the Spring. If you prefer to live with an upper-class student, please submit a Mid-year Room Change request form or have the person you want to move into your space submit one.

A Room Swap is defined as two students who wish to trade housing assignments. For those residents requesting a Room Swap, both parties interested in moving must submit a Room Change Request application.  

A Room Change is defined as a student who wishes to move to an unoccupied space.  Specific roommates may be requested on the application, but are not necessary. Two students wishing to move to a new room together will each have to complete the Room Change Request application and list each other as preferred roommates.

Students will receive a room offer via email from Housing and Residence Life once a room has been identified and will have 48-hours to accept or decline the offer. Students who decline the space offered will not be offered another space until all other outstanding room change requests have been processed.

Due to current occupancy, not all requests can be accommodated. Should Housing and Residence Life be unable to meet your request, you will be notified once all applications have been processed.

Before requesting a room change, students are encouraged to speak with their Resident Advisor and utilize Living Cooperatively Resources.