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Fall Move-In

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We've prepared this page to give you important information before your arrival on campus for your move-in. Please read this page carefully to ensure a smooth experience on Move-In Day. Most questions can be answered by reading this guide.

Dates to Remember

  • June 24 – June 26: Select your Move-in Timeslot in the Housing Portal.
  • Early July: Mail Services will mail a shipping information packet to your permanent address.
  • Late-July: You will be sent an e-mail confirming your room assignment and time slot.
  • August 10 - 13: Move-In Days for new students.
  • August 14 – 17 Move-In days for returning students.
  • Choose your Move-In time slot in the Housing Portal. Make travel arrangements to arrive in New Orleans 48 hours before your time slot begins.
  • Read the Code of Student Conduct and become familiar with rules and regulations at Tulane University.
  • Review the Housing and Residence Life Community Living Standards. All students living in the residence halls are expected to read and follow these standards.
  • Make sure any packages you’re having delivered to campus follow the guidelines from Mail Services. More information about packages can be found in the Mail & Packages section of this page.
  • View your room assignment and roommate(s) by logging-in to your student account via Gibson Online and opening the Housing Portal.
  • Get in touch with your roommate(s) and start coordinating items you may want to share and bring for your room. Keep in mind: The shared space in your room can only fit so many belongings.
  • Check your Tulane e-mail consistently for important information regarding move-in day.
  • Don’t forget to save your move-in confirmation e-mail. You will need your move-in code to check-in.

We strongly encourage you to ship items to campus before move-in day so that we can deliver your shipped items to your room ahead of your arrival on campus. Given current health and safety guidelines, the University will commit to delivering items to your room before you arrive to limit the need for in-person purchases both on-campus and in the community.

Students who follow the shipping instructions and have boxes arrive on campus between July 15 – July 31 will have their packages delivered directly to their assigned residence hall room before Move-In Day. On your move-in day, you will be shuttled to a central location on campus from the Arrival Center and carry the items you brought with you to your building. We highly encourage shipping belongings and purchases to campus ahead of move-in.

Mail Services will mail a shipping information packet to your permanent address in early July with specific information about how to ship boxes to campus. 

Students are responsible for the cost of shipping packages to campus and the University will deliver packages at no additional cost. Students who need support with covering the shipping cost should contact our office at to request financial assistance.

In Room Delivery Partners

Tulane University’s partner, OCM, provides many items that students would generally purchase locally. Items purchased and shipped through OCM will also be delivered to student rooms. Students may use this as an alternative to shopping for these items on their move-in day.

Ship to arrive on campus before July 31:

  • Twin XL sheets (Twin sheets for students in Sharp Hall)
  • Towels
  • Pillows and blankets
  • Clothing
  • Hangers and organizers
  • Storage bins
  • Medium or small-sized TV
  • Computer
  • Single-bulb lamps (LED bulbs are preferred)
  • Shower footwear and caddy
  • Dishes and utensils
  • Flashlight
  • Surge-protected power strip

Bring with you on Move-In Day:

  • Clothing you'll wear while traveling to New Orleans
  • Medications and toiletries you need for your trip
  • Valuables that cannot be shipped

Buy after Move-In Day:

  • Liquids and gels like laundry detergent and cleaning supplies (these items don't ship well)
  • Room decor (you'll have a better understanding of what you need after you move-in)
  • Toiletries and household items
  • Cleaning supplies 

Anything that could be considered a safety concern, could cause facility damage, interferes with fire safety systems or may be disruptive to other students should not be brought to campus. Students found with prohibited items will be required to dispose of the item and may be subject to disciplinary action through the student conduct process.

KEEP IN MIND:  The average room size is 12ft x 15ft for two people. Plan to ship only what you need for move-in and pick up additional items after move-in day. Coordinate with your roommate(s) before you ship items to prevent duplicate items. Remember that University furniture cannot be removed from your room.


To ensure a safe and efficient move-in process, students have been asked to select a time slot with a 4-day time window to ensure that 25% of their housing class is arriving on each move-in day. Students are asked to limit the amount of belongings they bring to campus and will be permitted to have one non-student guest join them for move-in.


STEP 1 Ensure that you have signed up for a move-in time slot and schedule your travel to arrive in New Orleans approximately 48 hours before your time slot begins. This 48-hour window will allow for parents to have their temperature checked and for students to be tested at the Arrival Center. 

STEP 2 Ship packages to campus to arrive between July 15 – July 31. Address information was sent to you in a shipping packet mailed to your permanent address and e-mailed to your Tulane e-mail address. 

STEP 3 Upon arrival in New Orleans. You and your family / guest should proceed to the Tulane University Arrival Center at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Orleans. This is where parents and guests will have their temperature taken and students will be tested for COVID-19. You and your family / guest will attend orientation sessions at this location and must be cleared to check-in to the residence halls before being permitted on campus.

STEP 4 Once you receive approval to move-in, you will check-in to your residence hall and receive your check-in packet on the first floor of the Arrival Center near the shuttle loading area. The check-in packet contains an ID card (for new students) or room key, important information from Housing & Residence Life, and a move-in parking pass good for your move-in day only. The move-in parking pass is intended for the guest who is assisting their student during move-in. Students who are returning to the residence halls and need electronic access added on their Splash Card will have their card encoded at this check-in location at the Arrival Center. Electronic building access will be added for all students immediately after they check-in at the Arrival Center. 
Once you have checked in, you can bring your one guest with you on the shuttle to campus. Shuttle buses will have room for student belongings, so you should bring everything you brought to the hotel with you on the shuttle bus. Shuttle stops will be on Freret Street and Janet Yulman Way to get students as close as possible to their residence hall. Students who cannot take the shuttle to campus may use the parking pass in their check-in packet to park in the Diboll Parking Complex. 

STEP 5 Once on campus, you should head to your residence hall to bring your belongings to your room. Housing & Residence Life staff will be available in every residence hall to answer questions and provide support. Students will be permitted to bring one non-student guest into the building.

STEP 6 Unpack your belongings and set up your room — Please take trash and recycling to the designated areas outside of your building.

STEP 7 At the end of your move-in day, by 8pm, vehicles parked in the Diboll Parking Complex must be moved to allow for the students moving in on the next day.

Arriving via Car Service (Lyft, Uber, Taxi, etc)

Families are strongly encouraged to use the University-provided shuttle to get from the Arrival Center to campus. Students who choose to use a car service for transportation to campus will need to be dropped of either at the Diboll Parking Complex or on Freret Street near Devlin Fieldhouse (6811 Freret Street).

Travel Delays

Students and families who experience travel delays that force them to miss their move-in time slot should still follow the steps above to check-in. Our move-in process must prioritize testing all students for COVID-19 before they are permitted on campus. Once a student is authorized to be on campus based on their test results, we will update their move-in time slot to allow them to check-in. If you experience a travel delay, please share that with us by sending an email to


Updated 7.20.2020

Arrival Center Questions

Why did Tulane institute the Arrival Center?
The Tulane University Arrival Center was developed as a concept to allow for students living on campus (including Green Wave Hall) to be tested for COVID-19 prior to moving-in to their fall housing assignment. The TU Arrival Center allows for students to be tested in a safe, controlled manner. In addition, the TU Arrival Center will enable The University to deliver programming for students and parents prior to being allowed on campus.

What are the hours for the Arrival Center?
The Hyatt Regency will be open 24 hrs between August 8 - August 18. The testing center at the Arrival Center hours are tentatively 10am - 9pm, hours are subject to change.

Who can stay at the Arrival Center?
Students and their parents are encouraged to stay at the Arrival Center. Each student will receive a reservation link via e-mail that allows them and their parent(s) to book room(s) for the 2-day period needed for testing and clearance to move onto campus. Students are not required to stay at the Arrival Center, but will need to attend testing and activities at this location. 

How long can I stay at the Arrival Center?
Students and parents are allowed to stay for the 2-night period leading up to their scheduled campus move-in day. Tulane has partnered with The Hyatt Regency has partnered to provide the entire property for the TU Arrival Center which allows for a significant amount of space to ensure physical distancing and safety protocols.
To reserve your guestroom(s), please use the link below based on your scheduled arrival time slot to book your stay:
August 10th Campus Move-In -
August 11th Campus Move-In -
August 12th Campus Move-In -
August 13th Campus Move-In -
August 14th Campus Move-In -
August 15th Campus Move-In -
August 16th Campus Move-In -
August 17th Campus Move-In -

Can my parents stay at the Arrival Center?
Parents can stay at the Arrival Center with their student or get an additional room if hotel capacity allows. The additional parent room block link is in the email sent to students.

What is the sequence of events and program at the Arrival Center?
Upon arrival, students will proceed immediately to the testing center at the Arrival Center. Then students and their parents will have the first day to relax from their travels. The second day at the Arrival Center will include specific programming for students and parents utilizing safety protocols that include physical distancing, wearing masks, and hand sanitization. 

What does my scheduled move-in day look like?
First year students will be allowed to move in on their scheduled day beginning August 10. Students must have a negative COVID-19 test which will serve as clearance to board the shuttle at their scheduled time for transport to campus. The student and their guest will board the shuttle and be transported to campus to move into their residence hall.

Is transportation provided from the arrival center to campus?
Coach buses will be used to safely transport students and one guest to campus for move in. All individuals riding on the bus will be required to wear a mask and physically distance on the bus at all times.

Are students and their guest required to ride the coach bus to campus?
Students and their guest are highly encouraged to utilize the shuttle from the Arrival Center to campus. If Students and parents are not able to use the shuttle or want to use their own vehicle, they will be able to drive from the Arrival Center and park in the Diboll Parking Complex. Students will be issued a move-in pass at the Arrival Center for the day of their move-in that will allow them to enter the Diboll parking structure.

Will the TU Arrival Center have safety protocols in place?
All individuals utilizing the arrival center will be required to wear masks at all times except when eating or drinking. Physical distancing will be standard operating procedure during testing, programs, and moving throughout the facility. Hand sanitization stations will be provided throughout the facility.

What food options will be available at the TU Arrival Center?
The Hyatt will have several options available for grab and go food. Grab and go breakfast will be provided each morning to hotel guests as part of their room reservation. Several on site restaurants will provide service through a reservation protocol that ensures patron safety.

What happens if I test positive for COVID-19 at the Arrival Center?
Students that test positive for COVID-19 will be transitioned into the on-campus infirmary. More information will be available soon.

Will parents be tested for COVID-19 at the Arrival Center?
Parents will not be tested at the arrival center for COVID-19. All individuals at the arrival center will be asked to complete a personal health assessment each morning. Individuals that are sick or display symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to isolate in their hotel room.

Can a student provide evidence of a COVID-19 negative test to forgo testing at the Arrival Center?
No. Every student living on campus must be tested at the Arrival Center for clearance to proceed with the move-in process.


Is parking available at the Arrival Center?
The Hyatt Regency has an abundance of parking available throughout their stay.

General Move-In Questions

What day and time is Move-In 2020? 

First year students and students new to Tulane University will move-in between Monday, August 10th and Thursday, August 13th, 2020. Upper class students will move-in between Friday, August 14th and Monday, August 17th. 

What if I cannot move-in during the designated move-in dates for my class?

In general, we expect students and families to select a time slot within their 4-day range and create their travel plans around these dates. We understand that some families may face extreme or unique circumstances that will prevent them from arriving within their designated date range and are developing a process to request an alternate move-in accommodation. We will share more information about this process soon.

When and how can I select my time slot? 

  • In order to ensure students and staff can practice social distancing during move-in days, we will allow 25% of our on-campus population to move-in during each move-in day for their class. This means that on each day between August 10 - 13, there are time slots available for 25% of the total occupancy for each first-year building. Between August 14 - 17, there are time slots available for 25% of the total occupancy for each upper class building. Students should not make travel arrangements until they confirm their move-in time slot.
  • Each arrival time slot time is designated as the time the student should arrive on-campus to check-in. Each time slot is 30 minutes long and time slots will be available between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. for each move-in day. For example, If you choose a 10:30 a.m. arrival time slot on August 11th, you should expect to arrive on campus between 10:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. on August 11th
  • Roommates will not be able to select the same time slot. This is to ensure that two students are not moving into the same room at the same time.
  • Students will have the ability to cancel and re-select their time slot until July 31 however, new time slots will not be created. Availability will be limited for students who cancel and re-select a new time slot. 
  • Once you have selected your time slot, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your Tulane e-mail address. After students confirm their time slot, they should plan their travel to arrive in New Orleans 48 hours before their time slot begins. This will allow for time to be tested for COVID-19 and receive results before going on-campus. Information about about preferred hotels and the centralized arrival center will be released soon.

How long can my guest be on campus after my time slot

There is no time limit on how long a non-student guest can assist a student in their room on their move-in day. The student and guest must follow all COVID-19 health guidelines will on-campus. Guests are asked to leave campus and move their vehicles from the parking garage by 6pm on their student's arrival day.

Can I be on campus before my assigned time slot? 

No. Given the current health recommendations from the CDC and the University, access to residence halls will be restricted to students who are approved to move-in each day. We will not be able to accommodate changes to move-in dates or time slots after they have been selected and confirmed.  

What am I allowed to bring to campus on my move-in day? 

All on campus students are strongly encouraged to utilize the ship-to-room program. Students will be allowed two large pieces of luggage and one carry on style item on move-in day. The shuttle bus to campus will have storage underneath for your luggage. The university will not provide move-in bins or move-in volunteers due to safety protocols related to COVID-19.

Do I need to have a car to move-in?

No. While we develop traffic routes for campus during move-in to control vehicle traffic, there will be an option for students who are not in a vehicle to check-in. This also includes students who are dropped off by a car service or public transportation.

Can my one guest leave campus after my time slot and come back on the same day?

Yes. Students who have checked-in and their 1 guest will be permitted to leave campus and return within the same day. Students and their guest must follow all health guidelines while they are on-campus and are encouraged to follow city guidelines while off-campus. There will likely be a different traffic route for cars returning to the Diboll parking structure after move-in. Students will not be permitted to have any guests after their move-in day.

Can my family come back to campus after my time slot ends or after my move-in day?

No. Each move-in day is restricted to the student and their guest who have time slots on that day in order to reduce the total amount of students and guests on campus during any of the move-in days. After a student moves in they will not be able to host guests in their room for a period of time to ensure that all students are safe and healthy on-campus.

How do I get my packages to campus? 

Students will be sent a packet of shipping information containing their shipping address over the summer. Students who ship their  packages within the designated shipping window will have their packages  delivered to their room prior to their arrival. We encourage students to use this service to the fullest extent possible so they don’t need to visit stores and campus offices in person on move-in day. 

If I stored for the summer with USS, how do I get my packages?

Packages stored with USS, our preferred storage vendor, will be delivered to student rooms before they arrive on campus. 

If I stored with a storage vendor that is not USS, how can I get my packages delivered to my room?

The University is committed to providing the safest possible environment in the residence halls, which means that most non-Tulane vendors will not be approved to enter the residence halls. Students who stored items with another vendor or in a storage unit will have to arrange to get these items and park at the Diboll parking structure with their move-in pass. Students and vendors will not be permitted to drive into campus. 

Can I buy packages through OCM, Amazon or other online vendors and have them delivered to my room? 

Yes. Any packages that arrive on campus within the designated ship window will be delivered to student rooms. Students who are concerned about the cost of packaging and shipping items from home can leverage shipping discounts from online retailers and ship purchased items directly to campus. Students must use their campus address and mailbox number when shipping from online retailers for the items to be delivered to their rooms.  

I'm a local student, can I bring my packages to campus to be delivered to my room?

Yes. Students who are local to New Orleans can drop-off packages they want delivered to their room between July 15 - July 31. Please contact Mail Services at to arrange this.

What if I cannot afford to ship my packages?

Tulane University Mail Services has worked with FedEx to offer a shipping discount to Tulane students and their families. This information will be provided in the shipping packet that is sent to all families. We recognize that this discount may not be enough to offset the cost of shipping and are developing a process who need assistance with this cost. More information will be added here shortly.

What if I need to bring more to campus than I can carry with me?

We know that many items students would traditionally bring to campus cannot be shipped or may need to be purchased locally. We are working on a process for these situations and will post more information soon.

When will I receive my shipping information packet?

Mail Services will mail the shipping information packet containing detailed information about shipping, address labels, and your campus address in early July. These packets will be mailed to students' permanent address on file. These packets will also be e-mailed as a PDF to each student's Tulane e-mail address. 

Will there be water service in the residence halls?

Tulane University has reached an agreement with University and Student Services (USS) to offer bottled water service and dispenser rental for students living in the residence halls. Kentwood Water will not operate on the Tulane University campus for the 2020 – 2021 academic year. This new water service is designed to align with health & safety requirements for The University. Students will receive an e-mail from USS with more information about how to sign up for this service. Students who sign-up by August 1st will have their water dispenser and first bottles delivered to their room before they move-in. For more information, please visit the website shared in this e-mail message.

Can I bring my family to campus for move-in? 

Students will be permitted to bring one non-Tulane student with them if they need assistance on their move-in day. In an effort to keep our students, staff and Tulane community members healthy, we will restrict the presence of non-Tulane guests on campus during move-in and the beginning of the fall semester. 

Where can I find information about my room? 

Room and furniture dimensions, photos, and more can be found on the  Our Communities page.