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Fall Move-In

Updated: 6/29/2023 (We will send a message to students and families each time we add significant move-in information to this page.)

Fall Move-in is one of the most exciting times for students, their families and the University community. We have outlined the move-in process for students below. Please take time to carefully read through this information and share it with those in your family who will support you during your move so that you can make a plan for your arrival. We know that this plan may need to be adjusted for students facing unique circumstances. Please communicate your needs to us as early as possible by sending an e-mail to housing@tulane.edu and we will assist you with making your move-in plan.  
Thank you for being partners in our effort to provide a safe and welcoming experience for students moving to Tulane University. Roll Wave!

Our Move In Tutorial Video!

Fall 2023 Move-In Overview

When is Move-In 2023?

  • First year students and students new to Tulane University will move-in between Sunday, August 13th and Tuesday, August 15th.
  • New transfer students will move in on Thursday, August 17th. 
  • Students who have already lived in the residence halls previously (Returning students) will move-in between Thursday, August 17th and Saturday, August 19th.

Students must not make travel arrangements until they have received their time slot.

How do I know what day I move-in?

Housing & Residence Life will send students an e-mail containing time slot assignments in May. There will be a period of time outlined in this message for students to cancel their assigned time slot and select a new time slot.

Time slots are 30-minute windows of time dedicated to each student’s check-in. Students and anyone assisting with their move-in should arrive at the check-in area during their 30-minute time slot. After students have checked-in during their time slot they have the rest of the day to unpack and get settled in their room.

Only students who absolutely cannot accommodate their assigned time slot should cancel and select a new time slot. Students whose assigned time slot works for their schedule do not need to do anything else to confirm their move-in day and time.

Can I request a specific time slot or change my time slot?

Time slot availability takes into account the number of students we can accommodate to move-in at a given time, therefore, specific times cannot be requested or reserved for students if it is not available to select in the Housing Portal. If a student wants to select a different time slot, they can cancel their current time slot and re-select a new time slot during the designated period.

Can I be on campus before my assigned time slot?

You are welcome to be on campus prior to your check in time, however, students will not be allowed to check in to their room or visit their residence hall prior to their assigned time slot. Given the complexity of the arrival process, it is important for us to control the number of vehicles coming to campus at one time. If you must be on campus before your time slot, there will be limited parking available on campus.

What can I expect during Move-In Day?

Vehicles will enter campus via S. Claiborne Avenue and enter the check-in queue. You will not be permitted to enter this queue if it is not your time slot.

Students and families will remain in the vehicle queue until they reach the check-in area. Staff will scan students’ check-in codes and give them check-in materials, including access to their residence hall.

Students and families who need parking will park in the Diboll Parking Structure during their move-in and will need to move their vehicles by 10pm on their move-in day.

Students who are not checking-in using a personal or rented vehicle should proceed to the check-in area outlined in the move-in guide that will be published in the summer.

Once students and their families have checked in and parked, they may proceed to their residence hall to get their room setup. Most items should already be in student rooms before they arrive if they participated in the Ship-to-Room program.

How do I get my packages to campus?

Mail Services will mail an informational shipping packet to new students’ home addresses by mid-July with information about shipping packages to campus. This shipping packet will be e-mailed to both new students’ and returning students’ Tulane e-mail address.

Students who ship their packages within their designated shipping window will have their packages delivered to their room prior to their arrival. Students who miss this shipping window will pick up their packages from a central location on move-in day. A limited number of packages will be delivered to student rooms free of charge.

Students do not need to have their room assignment to ship packages to campus. Room assignments will be added to packages once they are processed by Mail Services.

What should I do to prepare for move-in day?

  • Label all items of your belongings with your full name and Splash ID number.
  • Thoroughly read Move-in information on this site. A detailed Move-In Guide will be shared over the summer.
  • Contact Housing and Residence Life if you have any questions.