Residence Hall Donation Box Policy

The requirements listed in this policy are for residence hall donation boxes on the uptown campus of Tulane University and are only intended to apply to donation boxes distributed in the residence halls. For donation boxes and / or collection drives in areas other than residence halls, please contact Campus Services.

Departments, clubs/organizations, and/or residents interested in organizing a donation drive or collection box for the residence halls must request approval to place donation boxes in the residence halls.

To request approval, please provide the following information at least 10 days in advance by emailing

  • Group contact information, the purpose of the donation box / collection drive, a timeline for the collection, where you would like to collect, and your daily pickup schedule.
  • No donation / collection boxes can be placed in residence halls without written approval.

Organizations who are approved to run a donation / collection drive in the residence halls must adhere to the following:

  • Each Donation Drive/Collection Box will be allowed up to 7 days. No collections will be permitted during residence hall opening or closing periods.
  • Donation boxes may only be placed in buildings with a 24-hour front desk (Décou-Labat, Greenbaum, Sharp, Wall, Weatherhead)
  • Sponsoring organization must provide clearly labeled boxes regarding the mission/purpose of the donation drive/collection box – including what kind of items are being collected, the condition they should be in to be donatable (new vs used, unopened for food items, etc), the sponsoring party, and a contact email on the box that can be emailed if needed.
  • Sponsoring organization must maintain and remove all donated/collected items. The group is responsible for checking and emptying the boxes daily. Housing and Residence Life is not responsible for donated items in the bins.
  • Groups that do not adhere to the process will have their donation/collection boxes removed and be held accountable to the common area damage policy.

For a PDF version of this policy, please click here

Updated February 2019