Fall Move-In

Updated: 6/10/2024 (We will send a message to students and families each time we add significant move-in information to this page.)

Fall Move-in is one of the most exciting times for students, their families and the University community. We have outlined the move-in process for students below. Please take time to carefully read through this information and share it with those in your family who will support you during your move so that you can make a plan for your arrival. We know that this plan may need to be adjusted for students facing unique circumstances. Please communicate your unique needs to us as early as possible by sending an e-mail to housing@tulane.edu and we will assist you with making your move-in plan.  
Thank you for being partners in our effort to provide a safe and welcoming experience for students moving to Tulane University. Roll Wave!

Our Move In Tutorial Video!

Fall 2024 Move-In Overview


  • August 11 - 13: Move-in days for new students
  • August 15 - 17: Move-in days for returning students
  • August 15: Move-in day for new transfer students
  • August 19: First day of classes


  • Read the Code of Student Conduct and become familiar with the rules and regulations at Tulane University.
  • Review the Housing and Residence Life Community Living Standards. All students living in the residence halls are expected to read and follow these standards.
  • Label all items of your belongings with your full name and Splash ID number.
  • Make sure any packages you’re having delivered to campus follow the guidelines from Mail Services
  • View your room assignment, roommate(s), and move-in guide by logging in to your student account via Gibson Online and opening the Housing Portal. The move-in guide will be available closer to your move-in date, you will be notified via your tulane email.
  • Get in touch with your roommate(s) and start coordinating items you may want to share and bring for your room. KEEP IN MIND: The shared space in your room can only fit so many belongings!
  • Plan to ship only what you need for the first few weeks on campus. You can always pick up additional items when you arrive in New Orleans.
  • Check your Tulane e-mail consistently for important information regarding move-in day.
  • Don’t forget to print your move-in pass. Move-in time slots cannot be changed after the designated time slot change period.


Tulane University has worked with our travel partners to secure airfare discounts from several airlines, please follow the instructions below to book with your preferred airline:



Book your flights on SWABIZ.com using ID 99579701 to qualify for exclusive rates and increased Rapid Rewards earnings.


Delta Air Lines is pleased to offer special discounts for Tulane University.

Please click here to book your flights!

You may also call Conferences and Events® at 1.800.328.1111* Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. (EST) and refer to Meeting Event Code NM3UT

*Please note there is not a service fee for reservations booked and ticketed via our reservation 800 number.

Students must not make travel arrangements until they have received their time slot.


Mail Services will send a shipping information packet to students in July with specific information about how to ship boxes to campus. This shipping packet will be e-mailed to both new students’ and returning students’ Tulane e-mail address. Students who follow the shipping instructions and have boxes arrive on campus during the prescribed window will have their packages delivered directly to their assigned residence hall room before Move-In Day. Students are encouraged to ship items to campus and reduce the amount of items they bring with them on Move-In Day. Students who purchase linen packages and other items through USS and DormCo will have their items delivered to their room before Move-In Day with their other packages. Students who miss this shipping window will pick up their packages from a central location on or after move-in day. Students do not need to have their room assignment to ship packages to campus. Room assignments will be added to packages once they are processed by Mail Services.

Ship to campus:

  • Twin XL sheets
  • Towels
  • Pillows and blankets
  • Clothing
  • Hangers and organizers
  • Storage bins
  • Medium or small-sized TV
  • Single-bulb lamps (LED bulbs are preferred)
  • Shower footwear and caddy
  • Dishes and utensils
  • Flashlight

Bring with you on Move-In Day:

  • Clothing you'll wear while traveling to New Orleans
  • Medications and toiletries you need for your trip
  • Valuables that cannot be shipped

Buy after Move-In Day:

  • Liquids and gels like laundry detergent and cleaning supplies (these items don't ship well)
  • Room decor (you'll have a better understanding of what you need after you move in)
  • Toiletries and household items
  • Cleaning supplies 

Anything that could be considered a safety concern, could cause facility damage, interferes with fire safety systems, or may be disruptive to other students should not be brought to campus. Students found with prohibited items will be required to remove the item and may be subject to disciplinary action through the student conduct process.

KEEP IN MIND >> The average room size in first-year halls is 12ft x 15ft for two people. Plan to ship only what you need for move-in and pick up additional items after move-in day. Coordinate with your roommate(s) before you ship items to prevent duplicate items. Remember that University furniture cannot be removed from your room.


Housing & Residence Life will send students an e-mail, to their Tulane email, containing time slot assignments in early June. Between 9 am June 10th and 4 pm June 19th students can log in to their housing portal and cancel their assigned move-in time slot to reschedule for a different time.

Time slots are 30-minute windows of time dedicated to each student’s check-in. Students and anyone assisting with their move-in should arrive at the check-in area during their 30-minute time slot. After students have checked in, they have the rest of the day to unpack and get settled in their room.

You should cancel and select a new timeslot only if you cannot accommodate your assigned time slot. Students whose assigned time slot works for their schedule do not need to do anything else to confirm their move-in day and time.


After you receive your assigned time slot, there will be a designated change period between 9 am June 10th and 4 pm June 19th. Students can go into their Housing Portal during that window to cancel their time slot and select a new time slot. If your desired day or time is not immediately available, check back in your Housing Portal throughout the change period; more time slots may become available as other students cancel. Time slot availability takes into account the number of students we can accommodate to move in at a given time or on a given day. Therefore, specific times cannot be requested or reserved for students if it is not available to select in the Housing Portal. Questions regarding time slots can be sent to housing@tulane.edu.


To ensure that your move-in runs smoothly and efficiently, we assign each student a specific time slot between 8 am and 4 pm to check in and bring their belongings. During this time, students proceed to an orderly queue on Ben Weiner Drive. Move-in time slots cannot be changed after the designated timeslot change period, but you can move in any time after your time slot has begun. Please refer to the following section for step-by-step instructions.


STEP 1 » Before heading to campus, make sure you have printed your check-in pass with your check-in QR code. You can download your Move-in Guide with your check-in pass in the Housing Portal.

STEP 2 » Plan to arrive on-campus via S. Claiborne Avenue during your 30-minute time slot. Use the address 2900 Ben Weiner Drive if using navigation software. all vehicles will enter the traffic queue at the intersection of Versailles Blvd. and S. Claiborne Avenue. If you plan to arrive via taxi or rideshare service, use the same address to arrange your ride. You will use the same route as other vehicles to check in. Please follow the directions of the New Orleans Police Department officers when you arrive for check-in.

STEP 3 » Once in the check-in queue on Ben Weiner Drive, you will proceed to the check-in tent at the intersection of Ben Weiner Drive and Janet Yulman Way. Housing & Residence Life staff will verify that you have arrived during your time slot and scan your check-in code to check you in to your residence hall room. Once you've been checked in, you will be given your check-in packet. This packet contains:

  • Your Splash Card (new students only)
  • Your room key (if applicable)

STEP 4 » Once you have checked in and received your check-in packet, you should park in the Diboll parking structure and display your check-in pass on your dashboard. You will unload your belongings here and proceed to your residence hall. If you have questions or need assistance with your belongings, you can visit the Housing & Residence Life tent near the Diboll parking structure. There will be staff and equipment available to assist you in this location.

STEP 5 » Once at your residence hall you may proceed to your room. Returning students who use an electronic lock to access their room may need to visit their 24-hour desk to have access added to their Splash Card. If you have lost your Splash Card you should get a new card from Card Services before attempting to access your room. Your new card will need to be encoded at your area desk. 

STEP 6 » Pick up any mail delivered to campus by visiting the location described in your e-mail confirmation from Mail Services.

STEP 7 » Unpack your belongings and set up your room — Please take trash and recycling to the designated areas outside of your building.

STEP 8 » Please move your vehicle from the Diboll parking structure by 10pm on your move-in day. This will provide space for other students to park in the Diboll parking structure for their move-in day.

Arriving via Car Service (Lyft, Uber, Taxi, etc)

Follow the same instructions above if you plan to arrive via a car service. Make sure to tell your driver to not drop you off until after you've stopped at the check-in tent.

Arriving After 4 PM

If you arrive after 4 PM you should visit the Housing & Residence Life office in River Hall at 29 McAlister Drive and call the phone number posted on the office door if the office is closed. A staff member will meet you at the office to check you in and give you your check-in packet. If you need to troubleshoot electronic access on your Splash ID, you may need to visit your 24-hour desk the next day.


Vehicles will enter campus via S. Claiborne Avenue at Versailles Blvd. and enter the check-in queue.

Students and families will remain in the vehicle queue until they reach the check-in area. Staff will scan students’ check-in codes and give them check-in materials, including access to their residence hall.

Students and families who need parking will park in the Diboll Parking Structure during their move-in and will need to move their vehicles by 10pm on their move-in day.

Those using rideshare or other car service will also be instructed to pull into the garage to unload.

Once students and their families have checked in and parked, they may proceed to their residence hall to get their room set up. Most items should already be in student rooms before they arrive if they participated in the Ship-to-Room program.

For items you bring with you, golf carts and moving bins will be available. Please note, that bins may be limited and have a maximum rental time of 1 hour. Bins cannot be signed out after the last time slot concludes (3:00pm on August 11-13 and 3:30pm on August 15-17), and all bins must be returned by 30 minutes after the last time slot (3:30pm on August 11-13 and 4:00pm on August 15-17).


Tulane Shuttles & Transportation will run an on-demand shuttle to local shopping malls and Target between 10 AM and 5:30 PM. Please call Tulane University Shuttles & Transportation to request a ride at (504) 314-7433.


Need to leave the Diboll parking complex and return to campus? Exit the Diboll parking structure by turning right toward Willow Street, driving away from the check-in station. When returning to campus, you may re-enter campus via Willow Street and show your move-in parking pass to the security officer at the intersection. You may then proceed to park in the Diboll parking structure. This is only an option on your move-in day. If you need parking before or after your move-in day you will need to find street parking close to campus.


Can I be on campus before my assigned time slot?

You are welcome to be on campus prior to your check in time, however, students will not be allowed to check in to their room or visit their residence hall prior to their assigned time slot. Given the complexity of the arrival process, it is important for us to control the number of vehicles coming to campus at one time. If you must be on campus before your time slot, there will be limited parking available on campus. Please park on a street adjacent to campus and walk to your destination.

Do I need to move in within my 30-minute time slot?

No. The 30-minute time slot is for the check-in portion of your move-in only. You can continue to move-in all day after you've checked in. 

Where do I put my suitcases?

All of your personal items need to be stored in your room, stored with a storage vendor, or sent back home.

Does my time slot change if my room assignment changes?

No. You will use your same move-in pass and move in during the time slot on that pass.

Can I drop off my stuff early and check in later?

No. Once you've received access to your room you need to be checked in. Please wait to check in and visit your room until your designated move-in day and time slot.

Where can I find information about my room?

Room and furniture dimensions, photos, and more can be found on the Our Communities page.