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Spring Move-Out

Important Dates

  • Spring Semester Closing: Sunday, May 12 at noon (Any student not registered for commencement or living in summer housing).
  • Commencement Closing: Sunday, May 19 at noon (All remaining students not moving in to summer housing).
  • Deadline to request an extended stay: Wednesday, May 1, All students who are approved will be assessed a $100/day late stay fee.
  • 24 hour quiet hours: 24 hour quiet hours are in effect from 11 p.m. on Wednesday, May 1 - Sunday, May 12.

Student Responsibilities

Refer to the below table to figure out what your responsibility with regards to Spring Closing:

Student Type Category Description Tulane Enrollment Status Move Out Date Student Responsibility
Non-Graduating Students Student has no responsibility to be at Tulane after the end of the spring semester. Enrolled in classes at Tulane for spring but not continuing through to summer. Sunday, May 12 by Noon Student needs to be completely moved out of their room by Sunday, May 12 at Noon.
Non-Graduating Students Volunteering for Commencement Student has registered to volunteer for Commencement and sponsoring department has notified Housing. Enrolled in classes at Tulane for spring but not continuing through to summer. Sunday, May 19 by Noon Student needs to be completely moved out of their room by Sunday, May 19 at Noon.
Graduating Seniors Student is a member of the Class of 2019 and will be graduating this May. Enrollment ends upon Commencement 2019. Sunday, May 19 by Noon Student needs to be completely moved out of their room by Sunday, May 19 at Noon.
Students Enrolled in a Summer Course or Tulane Funded Research/Internship Student is registered for summer coursework through classes, research, or an internship and has registered for Summer Housing Enrolled in classes at Tulane for the summer. Thursday and Friday, May 23 and 24. Student needs to be completely moved out of their spring room and into their summer room by Friday, May 24.


Maymester Students

  • Students staying on campus for Maymester courses need to apply for summer housing, but may remain in their Spring housing assignment until May 26.

Check Out Expectations

All residents must complete one of the two options below for checking out of their room:

  1. Use an Express Checkout Envelope and waive your ability to appeal damage / cleaning charges. Express Checkout Envelopes must be placed in the drop box at the Housing and Residence Life Office in Irby Hall.
  2. Schedule a checkout appointment with your RA.

Regardless of the option you choose, please use the guide below to make sure your room is ready to go before you leave. Failure to complete a check out appointment with your Resident Advisor OR an Express Checkout Envelope will result in an improper check out fee of $100 in addition to any damage, key or keycard replacement costs.

Move Out Checklist (to complete before you leave campus)

  • Make arrangements to store all personal belongings. 
  • Confirm your departure date and time with your Resident Advisor
  • Clean fridge and remove all food.
  • Remove all trash from your room, bathroom, hallway, common room, etc.
  • Remove all items from common areas such as laundry rooms and kitchens. Any items found in common areas will be discarded and residents will be charged for abandoned property.
  • Turn off all lights.
  • Close and lock all windows.
  • Pull your blinds up all the way.
  • Remove all personal items from your room and common areas. Residents will be charged to remove any personal property.
  • Make sure all faucets and showers are in the off position.
  • Leave your air conditioning on and set to 72°.
  • Close and lock your room door.
  • Initial the closing checklist on your door.
  • Walk with your RA to your front desk to return your room key and/or deactivate your Splash Card.
  • Students who complete an Express Checkout must fill out the Express Checkout envelope, seal their room key in the envelope and deposit the key in the drop box at the Housing & Residence Life office in Irby Hall.

Abandoned Property

Abandoned property left in student rooms will be collected and stored for pickup. Any personal property of a Resident not claimed within ten (10) days of removal shall be deemed abandoned by Resident, and the University may dispose of such property without liability to Resident. Students who leave any personal property in their rooms at checkout will be charged a minimum of $150 to remove the property. This is in addition to the $100 improper checkout fee for not following checkout instructions.

Summer Storage

Residents should use the University's approved storage vendor for all storage needs. Students must be present for the pick up of their stored items regardless of storage vendor availability. These pick up and drop off dates must reflect the dates that the resident is approved to be in their room. Residents who schedule a pickup time for after they are approved to be in their room may be subject to extended stay fees and the improper checkout fee.

Trash, Recycling and Donations

Residents may use trash rooms only for items that fit in trash containers. Large items such as lumber, carpeting, large boxes, etc. should be taken to the dumpster/recycle areas:

Aron: On Ben Weiner Drive Paterson: In Paterson parking lot
Butler: Next to Butler on Willow Phelps: On Willow St.
Greenbaum: On Zimple St. Sharp: Behind Sharp
Irby Hall: Off of Drill Rd. Warren: In front of Warren
JL: Next to JL on Audubon St. Wall: in Paterson parking lot
Mayer: Behind Mayer Willow: Behind PJs / Willow A
Monroe: In Monroe compactor Weatherhead: Next to Butler on Willow


The main paper and plastic recycling stations will the in the same location they have been in all year. Please start recycling these items now to reduce buildup during closing.

There will be drop off bins for Mardi Gras bead recycling in building lobbies.


Donated personal items cannot be left in building lobbies and must be brought to a donation area closest to your residence hall.

A truck accepting donations of clothes and dorm items will be parked along the LBC Quad from May 9 - 11.  Check Recycle Tulane on Facebook for hours and more info. Collection containers for Mardi Gras beads, nonperishable food, and books will be available in 24hour Front Desk areas during exams.  Any items that are broken/not working/significantly damaged should be trashed in the appropriate container outside of the residence hall.

Move Out Parking

Students may park and load vehicles in any marked Tulane parking spot for up to 30 minutes during residence hall move-out. Select spots on McAlister Drive will be blocked off to serve as loading spots for students.  Fire lanes and areas next to buildings will be monitored closely. If a student is parked in a fire lane or other illegal area next to the buildings that inhibits emergency traffic flow, their vehicle will be ticketed and / or towed.