Being a Resident Director

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The Resident Director is a full-time, live-in staff member responsible for the overall functioning of their assigned residential areas. Our staff exist as educators who use our Residential Curriculum as a framework for student development and learning.

The primary responsibilities include initiating, implementing, maintaining, and evaluating efforts in the residential area that will result in educational, social, and cultural growth for the individual student and the entire living community. A Resident Director (RD) at Tulane University fulfills five primary areas within the Office of Housing and Residence Life: Staff Supervision, Community Development, Student Development, Departmental Responsibilities, and Administrative Duties. This position serves as a catalyst for student engagement in the residence hall communities and role models daily interactions with students for student staff.


What have you enjoyed most working as a Resident Director?

Bridget Fish

There are a lot of things I enjoy about working as a Resident Director at Tulane University, but the thing I enjoy most are the student interactions. Whether it be through supervising the RAs, attending RA programs and engaging with residents, or just saying hello and building rapport with my students, these students are wonderful to work with. This year, my students have challenged me professionally and personally and I have learned a lot about myself and where I hope to go with a career in student affairs. Additionally, I enjoy the office culture here at Tulane. We are able to joke and have fun with each other, while still being able to get great work done!

- Bridget Fish, Resident Director, Josephine Louise Residence Hall

Christy Carral

Working at Tulane has afforded me the opportunity to work with some of the brightest students I have ever encountered. I am constantly humbled by their commitment and drive. I have learned so much in my time here and am looking forward to continue to work in a space where I am surrounded by people who challenge me, support me and assist in my development as professional.

- Christy Carral, Resident Director, Warren and Mayer Residence Halls

Student experiences working with Resident Directors

What is your favorite part about working with your Resident Director?  

"I enjoy working with my Resident Director because I know I always have someone to ask for advice with unique or challenging situations with residents. Sometimes, the validation and support an RD provides helps empower me as an RA to do my job with full confidence. I also appreciate having someone to discuss ideas for programming to help me make concrete plans for an abstract idea"

- Wall Resident Advisor

"My favorite part of working with RD is her spirit of joy and positivity. She always brings great energy to the conversation and leaves me feeling better after our 1:1's, even if I'm having a bad day"

- Aron Resident Advisor

"My favorite part about working with my Resident Director is figuring out what community builder to do with my residents as there are many possibilities to get closer to my residents depending on their various personalities"

- Greenbaum Resident Advisor

"Our RD facilitated a really amazing training for us; his energy and commitment to each of us was really unmatched and got me excited about being a returning RA. He led discussions on identity and values that I still think about when interacting with my residents now"

- Wall Resident Advisor

My favorite memory of working with my RD was during RA training when we did the lip-sync competition. Our staff chose the song "Lipgloss" and our RD and I connected over our love for song and dance. I really enjoyed getting into character and interacting in a new way on stage with her"

- Aron Resident Advisor

"We built a grill together for Greenbaum!"

- Greenbaum Resident Advisor

How did your Resident Director impact your Tulane experience?  

"My RD gives full passion and effort to working with individual RAs and making sure you are accommodated and best able to do your job. Consequently, I can appreciate the aspects of the job that help me develop as a person and enjoy the professional experience without worrying that my other academic responsibilities are going to conflict with the role and cause me anxiety. His understanding approach to managing a staff makes me proud of the work we do together and I can truly call the RA job a main part of my time at Tulane"

- Wall Resident Advisor

"Although I am a Senior, it is my first year being an RA, and I could not be more grateful to have her as my Resident Director. She has made my transition so smooth and has truly made an effort to develop a genuine relationship with me. She has a strong passion for Residential Life, and I have been able to learn and apply so much to the RA position just from her sharing her previous experiences"

- Aron Resident Advisor

"My RD has always been there for me. Having a support system in the building has had a huge impact on my Tulane experience. My RD has made Greenbaum a home away from home"

- Greenbaum Resident Advisor

In what ways has your Resident Director impacted your personal growth?  

"More than a supervisor, my RD has been a friend to me in giving me advice through difficult parts of my life"

- Sharp Resident Advisor

"My resident director has truly made me believe that I can choose what is best for me and what makes ME happy"

- WeBu Resident Advsior

"I am an international student serving as an RA so sometimes there is some US culture things I don't know and she is willing to explain it to me"

- Greenbaum Resident Advisor

"Recently my RD gave me great career advice. Also her words of encouragement help always"

- WeBu Resident Advisor