Being a Resident Director

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The Resident Director is a full-time, live-in staff member responsible for the overall functioning of their assigned residential areas. Our staff exist as educators who use our Residential Curriculum as a framework for student development and learning.

The primary responsibilities include initiating, implementing, maintaining, and evaluating efforts in the residential area that will result in educational, social, and cultural growth for the individual student and the entire living community. A Resident Director (RD) at Tulane University fulfills five primary areas within the Office of Housing and Residence Life: Staff Supervision, Community Development, Student Development, Departmental Responsibilities, and Administrative Duties. This position serves as a catalyst for student engagement in the residence hall communities and role models daily interactions with students for student staff.

Tulane RD Job Description

What have you enjoyed most working as a Resident Director?

Peggy Fowler

There are a ton of things I enjoy in my role as Resident Director, but I think the thing I enjoy the most is programming for my community. Even if it's just a "grab and go" program, I enjoy the interactions I have with students when they are just stopping by for a quick snack or check in. I love hearing about their classes, their activities, and how their day went. There's always something that happens that makes me laugh and helps me appreciate the very unique job I have here!

- Resident Director, Peggy Fowler

Nina Vattovaz

Working at Tulane has afforded me the opportunity to work with some of the brightest students I have ever encountered. I am constantly humbled by their commitment and drive. I have learned so much in my time here and am looking forward to continue to work in a space where I am surrounded by people who challenge me, support me and assist in my development as professional.

- Resident Director, Nina Vattovaz

How have you grown as a professional while being an RD at Tulane?

Connor Dizor

Tulane is my fourth institution I have worked at, and I think it has been the place that has grown me the most in my advocacy for myself. Our leadership is so supportive of our wellness and taking care of ourselves as people first. In this role, I have been able to seek professional development experiences while also caring for my work-life balance and social life. I never feel bad about taking time away from work and my supervisor really supports me in my growth at a pace that is sustainable.

- Resident Director, Connor Dizor

Lili Daly

It is my third year as a Resident Director at Tulane. I can confidently say that I have grown professionally during my time here. Through experience, and opportunities I am more confident in many areas; administrative skills, crisis management & on call procedures, developing curriculum, and leading a team or students and professionals.

- Resident Director, Lili Daly

Student experiences working with Resident Directors

What is your favorite part about working with your Resident Director?

"My favorite part is the personal connection and growth I see in myself. The work is very engaging and easy to understand. I see myself as very productive and feel like I contribute to the community."

- Mayer Resident Advisor

"I'm really thankful for my RD's ability to create a safe environment for me to succeed in - when I experienced a personal hardship, she continually checked in with me, helping me to not only advocate for myself, but also encouraged me to connect with my community."

- Josephine Louise Resident Advisor

"Having someone to rely on when issues are bigger than me and being able to talk to him about my position."

- Wall Resident Advisor

"My RD and I have been working together for two years now. I have never met someone so willing and enthusiastic to advocate for my wants and needs as much as he does. He is also one of the first people I go to when I have good news to share because he always celebrates my accomplishments."

- River Resident Advisor

"My favorite part about working with my RD is that she always pushes us to better ourselves within the RA role and outside of it. She always remembers everything we tell her and sends us constant words of encouragement for any task we are trying to accomplish."

- Aron Resident Advisor

How did your Resident Director impact your Tulane experience?

"My RD helped me ease into the RA role and encourages me to stick with it when it gets overwhelming."

- Greenbaum Resident Advisor

"Working with them as a resident was inspiring because my RD is really passionate about her job and making Dela a fun but organized home. Working with her in CG and as an RA has really helped me develop a strong relationship and understand each other clearly with expectations. Overall, my Tulane experience has been changed by her but for the better and I am grateful to have a mentor like her!"

- Decou Labat Resident Advisor

"Get Energized Greenbaum has become one of my favorite weekly Tulane events. Even if I can only stop by briefly, seeing the whole community united over good coffee and yummy cookies has genuinely become a highlight to my experience here, and a lot of that is due to my RD's consistency, presence, and warm energy in collaboration with the FIR!"

- Josephine Louise Resident Advisor

"My RD has had an amazing impact on my Tulane experience. She stressed mental health within the role and is a very understanding individual. Therefore, I have been able to feel comfortable coming to my RD for support throughout my experience at Tulane. My RD has played a role in connecting me with needed resources, building healthy relationships with others, encouraging me with my career and academics, ensuring I reached my full potential as an RA."

- Aron Resident Advisor

In what ways has your Resident Director impacted your personal and/or professional growth?

"My RD helped connect me to resources on campus for professional growth outside the RA role and helped me be a better RA by providing guidance and tips!"

- Lake Resident Advisor

"My RD has challenged me to innovate and use my creativity when approaching RA duties. The skills I have acquired through doing so are transferable and will be useful in many areas of my life, both now and post graduation."

- River Resident Advsior

"I see myself manage time better, academic also improve, mental health also better through working as an RA. I think this is the reason because my RD help me and allow me to be comfortable to show my weakness. I am able to take advice from my RD and it been improving in many area of my life. I am very surprise that my academic is improving even though I am working more. I think the reason is that my RD teach me more efficient techniques."

- Warren Resident Advisor

"My RD has been a resource to me to talk about marketing myself and providing me with the support that is necessary to grow professionally and personally within my role as an RA."

- Monroe Resident Advisor

Supervisor experiences working with Resident Directors

What is your philosophy in developing Resident Director success?

"We hire the best team possible, and through close supervision and support, work to create the best experience we can for our students and each other. Though we come from many places and experiences, when we engage thoughtfully with a sense of care, and hold the people, the mission, and the team in mind, we are all more successful."

- Matthew Tombaugh, Associate Director

"My philosophy for RD success would be for staff to strive to continue learning in the field of higher education. The needs of our students will vary year to year. It is important to stay up to date on current trends and theories being shared in the field."

- Samantha Santee, Assistant Director

Common Questions

Our Partner Policy
  • RD's must identify all other occupants of the apartment to the Department of Housing and Residence Life.
  • The full Partner Policy can be found in the Live-In Agreement.
Pet Policy
  • Pet is defined as one dog, cat, or animal in a tank not to exceed 10 gallons. Staff may not have more than one pet at any one time while living in their Residence.
  • Professional or graduate staff members must complete the "Live-In Staff Pet Request Form" prior to bringing a pet to campus.
  • Learn more about the full Pet Policy and Live-In Staff Pet Request Form.
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Professional Development Opportunities
  • Resident Directors at Tulane University are encouraged and supported in professional development opportunities. Many of our RDs are a part of professional organizations and attend conferences like SEAHO, LAHO, NASPA, and ACPA, Texas SAPC.
RDs Maia, Lili, and Sayyam at ACPA in Chicago.
AD Whitney and Matt and RDs Connor and Nina to SEAHO.