Lounge and Classroom Reservations

The Department of Housing and Residence Life welcomes all members of the Tulane University community and has developed policies and procedures governing the use of its residential space to reflect its focus on residential living and the needs of the students residing in each residence hall. Reservations must be requested via the online reservation site.

Eligibility & Space Availability

Tulane University departments and official student organizations are permitted to reserve spaces in the residence halls during the academic year. Reservations are confirmed on a first come, first served basis with priority given to Housing and Residence Life events.  

Residence hall spaces are available for use in the fall and spring semesters. Reservations are not accepted for winter and summer breaks due to office closures and summer conferences. In addition, University holidays may require closure of the building and no reservations will be booked on those dates. Student organizations cannot reserve spaces between the last day of class through the end of an exam period.  Spaces in the residence halls not listed on this page cannot be reserved by members of the campus community because they are behind a secure access point and limited to residence hall occupants and staff only.

Reservation requests can be made for the following spaces between 8:00 AM and 11:00 PM daily:  

  • Aron – Courtyard
  • Greenbaum – Front Patio
  • Weatherhead – Courtyard
Reservation Requests

The sponsoring department or organization must submit a completed reservation request online in order to request a space. Reservation requests must be made at least 5 business days in advance, but no more than 15 days in advance. Any changes to the reservation must be received via the online reservation site no less than 2 business days before the event begins. Consecutive reservation requests such as group meetings or training's must be requested for each occurrence within the designated time frame and will be approved at the discretion of Housing and Residence Life staff. Student Organizations must include their advisor's contact information as the 2nd contact when submitting their request.  

Changing or Cancelling a Reservation

To change a reservation, the requestor must login to the reservation site online and submit their change. Changes must be made at least 2 business days in advance. When a change is requested, Housing and Residence Life staff will review the request and send a new confirmation indicating the change made. This notice will be emailed to the requestor.  

A requestor who determines that they will not be using a space they have reserved must cancel the reservation. All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. You can cancel your room request via the online reservation site. If your reservation occurs in less than 24 hours, please e-mail the Housing and Residence Life office at housing@tulane.edu. When a cancellation is made, the Housing and Residence Life Office will generate a cancellation confirmation and send it to the requestor via e-mail. 

Confirmation/Denial Documentation

Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to require additional information before processing a request, and maintains the authority to deny requests in accordance with residential and University policies. Once a reservation request has been approved or denied, the sponsoring department or organization will receive an e-mail confirmation. Most requests will be approved or denied within 48 business hours of submission.

Room Configuration, Care & Cleaning

Most furniture can be moved within the room. Any furniture that is moved must be returned to its original configuration at the end of the reservation time. Guests may not remove furniture from the room. A/V cabinets and consoles cannot be moved from their fixed locations. Guests are responsible for arrangement of any furniture or equipment in the room. 

Housing and Residence Life does not offer additional room setup or support. Any furniture or equipment setup by a 3rd party vendor must be approved by HRL staff in writing before a reservation will be confirmed. Any damaged caused by moving furniture will be billed to the sponsoring organization or department.

The sponsoring department or organization will be responsible for cleaning and resetting the space to the condition it was before their reservation. Any damage or cleaning fees associated with their reservation will be the responsibility of the reservation holder.

Responsibilities While Using the Space

The sponsoring department or organization is responsible for guest conduct and must abide by any requests made by Housing Residence Life staff.  

Alcohol and tobacco products are strictly prohibited in these spaces. 

Any activity that violates the Federal, State or City of New Orleans law, Tulane University Code of Student Conduct and / or the Housing and Residence Life Community Living Standards will be reported to the appropriate authority and the responsible party will lose reservation privileges.

Non-Resident Guests

Guests who are not residents of the building where an event is being held must remain within the reserved space and the public areas immediately adjacent to the space during the reservation. When the reservation ends all guests who are not a resident of the building must leave the building immediately. Any guest who violates this provision will be asked to leave the building immediately.

Outdoor Events

Events with amplified sound must end within the quiet hours designated in the Community Living Standards.