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Agencies and Services

The websites on this page are provided to assist you with your search based on feedback from other students who found the sites helpful. Please keep in mind that Tulane University does not have any relationship with these companies and inclusion on this list does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement; Tulane University is unable to vet any website or listing, so please conduct your search carefully.

Apartment Search

We realize searching for housing in New Orleans can be time consuming. Below, we have compiled a list of websites that will assist you in your apartment search. These websites will help you get acquainted with what type of apartment options are being advertised, as well as information on costs, amenities, and the local area. These sites also allow you to search for rentals that meet your specific requirements, and to organize your search along the way.

Please remember that many of these listings have not been screened. Be cautious with your search, and proceed with caution.

Real Estate Agencies:

Roommate Search

Searching for a roommate can be a stressful process. We recommend starting your search with other students in your academic program or by posting in the facebook page for your class year. The following roommate matching programs are available for all residents of New Orleans:

Please remember that many of these listings have not been screened. Be cautious with your search, and proceed with caution.

Short-Term Stays

While searching for permanent housing, students may consider staying in a nearby hotel for a few days. New Orleans has many bed and breakfast, hotel, and motel options. The following are close to campus:

Consider a short-term lease or sub-let if you will only be in New Orleans for a short time. Students may also want to move into a short-term lease or sub-let while they look for long-term housing.

Please remember that many of these listings have not been screened. Be cautious with your search, and proceed with caution.


In order to get the gas, electric and water service turned on and in your name, you will have to call the utility company directly or visit their website. You will have to pay a deposit to each company for service to be turned on.

Electricity and Gas:

Entergy - 639 Loyola Ave #300, New Orleans, LA 70113 - 1-800-368-3749


Sewerage & Water Board - 625 Saint Joseph St, New Orleans, LA 70165 - 504-529-2837

Storage and Moving

Many students store their belongings in New Orleans during the summer or semesters abroad. The following storage company is popular with students:

Local packing and moving companies:

Appliance and Furniture Rental

If you will only be living in your apartment for a short time, consider renting appliances or furniture.

  • Aaron's - 819 N Broad St, New Orleans, LA 70119 - 504-822-7393
  • Rent-A-Center - 1320 N Broad St,  New Orleans, LA 70119 - 504-821-6332
  • CORT Furniture Rental - 50 Bloomfield St, New Orleans, LA 70121 - 504-736-3545 - CORT makes moving off campus simple by providing furniture rental packages and housing information.  CORT will deliver and setup your entire apartment with stylish furniture, and when you’re ready to move, we’ll pick it all back up.  Make move in day just like any other day.




Tulane University Housing and Residence Life provides information regarding housing in the New Orleans area for your convenience only. The University makes no representation as to the condition or suitability of any of the listed resources or establishments, nor does it assume responsibility for their condition or reliability, or for any agreements you enter into with them. This website is not intended to provide legal advice, and it should not be used as such.