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Become a part of the Squad! In this dynamic and unique community that is centered on tradition, excellence and school pride, you will live with like-minded peers that seek to create a vibrant and supportive campus environment. Squad is a leadership and teamwork community that explores how to be a Tulanian as understood through the lens of school pride. By living in the Squad, you will engage in and develop initiatives that honor the history and values of the Tulane community. In this RLC, students will help to shape the culture of the university through leadership development and opportunities to learn from coaches, athletics staff members and leaders in the New Orleans community. You will also have access to exclusive athletic events, guest speakers, and an insider’s view of our athletic traditions. #squad


The Squad RLC is a collaboration between Housing and Residence Life and Tulane Athletics Department.


All first-year students at Tulane Universities are required to take a TIDES course. Members of Residential Learning Communities have the opportunity to enroll in a TIDES course that explores the concepts and values of their community in depth. For 2018-2019, the affiliated TIDES courses are:

  • TIDE 1090: Who Dat, Fan Up & Geaux: Sports and New Orleans - Founded in 1718, the city of New Orleans has a long and rich history with sports.  From the rise of social class-driven sports such as rowing and billiards to the New Orleans Saints’ heroic revival of the city post-Hurricane Katrina, sports has been as integral to the area as food, music, and Mardi Gras.  Sports have made an enduring impact on the social world in which we all live. It is a taken for granted aspect of our everyday lives – whether that entails watching “Sportscenter” or noticing that every single major newspaper contains a “Sports” section that is as long if not longer than any other section. Yet there is more to sport than just what we see on a daily basis. In this course, we will explore general sports-related topics and examine actual case studies related to New Orleans’ sports scene.  More than simply ‘talking sports,’ students will study issues from political, economic and social viewpoints and also gain an understanding of the rich sports heritage found here in New Orleans.  Readings and discussions, field trips, and guest speakers will aid students to understand both historical accounts and modern-day subjects associated with sports such as governmental involvement, public financing, and community development.  
  • TIDE (TBD): Using Sports as a Leadership Model for a Successful Life - This course uses a sports lens to introduce Tulane students to what character traits have made sports figures, coaches, teams, and organizations successful as well as aided in turning sports from recreational fun to a multi-billion-dollar global industry juggernaut. This class will introduce students to several different valuable life skills and lessons to aide them in them in their academic endeavors and professional journey.
  • TIDE 1275: Helluva Hullabaloo: Learning to #BeExcellent At Tulane - This course is designed to help you develop the skills needed to achieve excellence in every facet of your life — both here at Tulane and beyond. From optimizing wellness and nutrition to mastering money management and your academic goals, you’ll learn to balance your priorities and make the most of your personal and professional endeavors. Students will also have an opportunity to interact with campus resources available to assist them attain excellence!


The Squad RLC will be in Sharp Residence Hall for the 2018-2019 Academic Year.


You may apply for the Squad RLC through the student housing application process. Your answers to some supplemental, RLC-specific questions will be evaluated by a committee. If you are accepted, you will be notified and be sent more information on the room selection and roommate process.

If you have questions about the programming and initiatives that take place in this RLC, please contact Jana Woodson at If you have questions about RLC housing logistics, please contact Housing and Residence Life at