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Honors RLC

students stand in a science lab with professors. quote reads "A great community is all about who you live with. The  Honors RLC is full of students who are driven to go  beyond the classroom to explore what it means to  learn. We’re inspired to research topics that interest us —even if they aren’t ones from our classes! Honors  encourages us to reach beyond what’s expected.” Jeong Min Oh, RA in Weatherhead Hall


The Honors Community embraces the ideal of scholarly engagement as a goal for all high-achieving students. Through increased interaction with faculty both inside and outside of the classroom, students are immersed in a collaborative, intellectual, and close-knit social community with a focus on academic enrichment and excellence.


HRL works in partnership with Honors Program on the Honors RLC. If you have questions about the RLC content or programming, please contact the Honors Program staff at


Honors RLC residents enjoy opportunities to meet with other Honors students and have meaningful interactions with Tulane professors through specialized programming. Professors lead the Wall Societies, groups of students with similar interests, which meet monthly to explore topics of interest and often take off-campus excursions. For instance, the Books and Reading Society annually hosts a “Graveyard Poets” poetry reading in the historic Lafayette Cemetery #1 in the Garden District, while the Tulane, Naturally Society explores beautiful Cane Bayou via canoe. The Wall Faculty-in-Residence hosts a variety of programs throughout the school year, from fun social events to panel discussions designed to help students explore the question: “What is College For?” One such panel in Fall 2018 featured staff from Academic Advising, Study Abroad, Honors, and the Center for Public Service who helped students plan for spring registration and look ahead to the future.


All first-year Honors students are required to take a Colloquium or an Honors Business TIDES course. To enroll in the Honors Program, first-year students must take either COLQ 1010, COLQ 1020, or one of the Honors sections of TIDB 1010. Any of these courses will satisfy the first-year TIDES requirement.


The Honors RLC is located in two halls: Wall Residence Hall for first-year students and Weatherhead Residence Hall for upperclass students.


The RLC application will open on March 1, 2019 and can be found on your Housing Portal when you apply for housing. You must fill out both a Housing Application AND an RLC Application to be considered for the RLC.


How do I apply to live in Wall?
If you are interested in living in Wall, you must apply to live in the Honors RLC. The First-Year Honors RLC is housed in Wall. Each of the nine RLCs are housed in a specific residence hall.

If I am in the Honors Program, do I have priority to live in Wall?
Any students may apply to live in the Honors RLC. However, preference is given to Honors Program students for the RLC spots. Depending on the size of the class and our housing space and logistics, there may also be non-Honors Program and non-Honors RLC students who live in Wall.

So, being in the Honors Program does not mean I automatically get to live in Wall?
Unfortunately, placement in Wall is not guaranteed for Honors students. You must apply to live in the Honors RLC. Applications are reviewed and priority is given to Honors students (i.e. those students enrolled in a Colloquium course or Honors Business TIDES).

Where can I find the RLC application?
If you log in to your Housing Portal, you should find a link to the RLC application on the third page. You must fill out both the Housing Application and the RLC Application to be considered for housing.

If I am accepted into the Honors RLC and my preferred roommate is not, can I still live with them?
No. During the roommate selection process that will occur in June, you will only be able to view and select other students who were admitted into the same RLC as you.

What happens if I don’t get into the Honors RLC?
Based on your ranking of the RLCs you apply to in your RLC application, you will be admitted to the highest ranked RLC to which you were also admitted. If you do not apply to other RLCs or are not accepted into another RLC, you will be placed in the general housing pool, which is a computer-generated randomized process.

Can I still participate in the Honors Program and Honors RLC if I don’t live in Wall?
Yes, many programs that occur in the hall and that the Honors Program hosts will be open to non-RLC students. Students enrolled in the Colloquium courses or Honors Business TIDES are considered Honors students regardless of where they live.