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Residential Learning Communities Beta

Residential Learning Communities bring faculty and students together in meaningful ways so that residents can more easily establish both academic and social support networks inside and outside of the classroom. Tulane Residential Learning Communities are exciting living spaces that encourage students to exchange, challenge, question, and develop ideas. Being a part of a Residential Learning Community is a unique experience that promotes intellectual development and ultimately challenges students to define themselves as learners and members of a community. At Tulane, RLCs form from a partnership between the Department of Housing and Residence Life and another organization, center or academic department on campus.


Residents of this RLC cultivate an open atmosphere and foster a culture of positive social change throughout campus and the community. Together, residents address entrenched and complex challenges such as overcoming inequality, sustaining coastal cities, and understanding New Orleans’s high incarceration rate. Students in this community will 

  • Figure out your changemaker path at Tulane and in New Orleans
  • Advocate for change and progress on campus
  • Learn from and collaborate with staff and faculty and community partners
Get Engaged

Get Engaged offers students the opportunity to reach out and build relationships with New Orleans communities through intentional, community-minded activities. Residents engage in individual volunteerism, organizational involvement, lectures, workshops, and forums that encourage civic engagement. Students in this community will 

  • Volunteer with local and national community partners
  • Community discussions and guest speakers
  • Opportunities to shape experience as Tulane students and residents of New Orleans
  • Live alongside Faculty in Residence
Health Wave

A communal living opportunity focused on self-care, wellness and public health, Health Wave encourages students to take care of themselves and their communities. Initiatives include workshops, dinners with guest faculty speakers, access to exclusive fitness and wellness programs, mindfulness instruction, and nutritional support. Students in this community will

  • Engage in their community
  • Experience an enriching and supportive environment
  • Have freedom to form ideas about health and wellness

The Honors Community embraces the ideal of scholarly engagement as a goal for all high-achieving students. Through increased interaction with faculty both inside and outside the classroom, students are immersed in an collaborative, intellectual, and close-knit social community with a focus on academic enrichment and excellence. Students in this community will

  • Be advised by faculty and Honors program on prestigious scholarships (Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright)
  • Receive career preparation
  • Have increased access to faculty

The vision for Kaleidoscope is to train a diverse group of talented students to serve as a catalyst to effect change across campus. By fostering a sense of well-being, belonging, and respect for each other across difference (such as culture, sex, gender identity, class, religion, ability, race, sexuality, and nationality), Kaleidoscope residents strive to understand the many forms of difference and their effect. Students in this community will

  • Develop consensus solutions to complex social problems
  • Launch proactive community/campus-wide initiatives
  • Cultural trips and workshops
Shapers and Creators

This RLC provides a social group and outlet for creative thinkers. Participating students come from all backgrounds and departments, but are united as visual thinkers and problem solvers, actively engaged with creative learning. Through this immersion, they become a peer group of hands-on learners and thinkers, exploring positive methods to produce creative concepts. Students in this community will

  • Work with faculty, staff, visiting artists, architects and engineers to expand skill sets while creating unique works, both in and out of the residence hall
  • Take part in programming in the Newcomb Art Museum
  • Explore the art and culture of New Orleans and create an interdisciplinary creative network at Tulane

Drawing on the legacy of Newcomb College, Spark provides a place for first-year women to find their “spark” — their own Tulane pathway — as they forge connections with one another and with faculty, staff, and alumnae through the gender-focused programming and opportunities provided by the Newcomb College Institute. Students in this community will

  • Explore women’s leadership through community service and social justice projects
  • Attend alternative spring/winter break trips
  • Participate in discussions that examine topics ranging from leadership styles to women’s campus activism
Third Coast

A rich cultural heritage, tenuous urbanism, and a troubled coastal environment in the face of changing climates and rising seas makes this region ideal for place-based learning. Students gain an “insider” understanding of how culture and environment intertwine in this fertile place and how their specific academic and professional goals can connect with the needs and interests of the surrounding community. Students in this community will

  • Engage in a variety of cultural and intellectual experiences, such as urban and coastal field trips
  • Participate in dinner conversations with culture-bearers and Tulane scholars
  • Attend dance classes and cooking demonstrations


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